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About DigiTicketer

Secure cloud-based booking, reservations, ticketing and services management system with capabilities to manage and automate workflows for better operational performance of your travel business.

DevBatch has developed a scalable and feature rich online ticketing and reservation system. This comprehensive software solution replaces the old mechanism of record keeping for railways, airlines, buses, and ferries and allows the booking of tickets online from any location and improves the effectiveness and efficiency of related businesses.

online ticketing & reservation system

Online ticketing and reservation system is an all in one software solution for replacing old record keeping methods for railways, airlines, buses and ferries. This system comes with amazing features of booking tickets online from anywhere. With this system, customers can reserve and book their tickets at any time. Our system is very helpful in improving effectiveness and efficiency of current ticketing and reservation systems.

Features at a Glance

DevBatch offers a scalable and features rich online ticketing and reservation system for ferries, airlines, rails, and buses. This system has various features including ticketing, reservations management, shift management, routes management, schedules management, user management, manual configuration, dynamic admin panel, 24/7 support compatibility, management reports and much more.


 online ticketing system


Users can issue individual and group tickets, extend validities, refund tickets etc.

 online reservation & ticketing system


User-friendly interface to issue or cancel tickets against reservations.

 fleet management services

Shift Management

View and create shift plans, and easily open or close shift within the system.

 best route planning software


Manage routes, sub-routes, and zones, and calculate the fare for each route on the go.

 fleet management reports

Management Reports

Plan and prepare strategies by reports of shifts, passengers per route, sales per station, audit trail and revenue generated per zone.

 fleet management support


24/7 call support compatibility to keep in touch with the customers all the time.

 ticketing system configuration


It is quite easy for the system users to manually configure the app according to the zones, cities, stations, platforms, coach types and payment types etc.

 fleet scheduling software


Schedules can be managed easily with respect to the vehicle names, departure dates and departure time.

 user management for ticketing software

User Management

Manage roles, users, conductors and others within the system.

Ticketing system support

Why Choose DigiTicketer?

Operating as an independent travel software company since 2010, DevBatch has been successfully developing software solutions for airlines, online portals (OTAs), consolidators, tour operators, travel agencies and travel management companies. With 7 years of experience in the tourism industry and several international projects, DevBatch has developed solutions for the complete chain of the airfare management, ticketing processes and powerful internet booking solutions (IBEs) for all kinds of touristic services.

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Admin Dashboard & Analytics

Advance capabilities to manage content across devices from backend and analytics visualization.

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