The Mango Party Bash in the House!

 August 10, 2016

It is said that fun and happiness are contagious, you share them and they get multiplied. We truly believe this notion and hence strive our best to maintain a friendly and happy environment at DevBatch. And why wouldn’t we do that? Obviously, it is about the team who is the foundation of all what the company takes pride in. So, to relish our wonderful team, DevBatch had the bash of deliciousness at the ‘Mango Party’.

Here is the story of the day!

Teamwork and teamplay got amazingly stronger when it came to having the fruit battling. Now we were seeing a broader segmentation of all the departments in the house, that we named as App Avengers, Gaming Gladiators, Marketing Monsters and the Web Warriors. Interesting enough? Yes, it was! Each team had to dive into the Mango eating competition to mark their “efficiency record” on eating mangos in 2 minutes. Simple enough? Literally, it wasn’t!