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Mobility is giving a tough competition to mobile application development companies and vendors across the globe; how could Microsoft stay behind? Where we see iOS and Android admirers, Windows Phone has its lovers too. DevBatch holds the perfect skill-set required to create amazing windows phone applications. We provide you with high-end applications comprising of metro style UI, along with a strong back-end and complete optimization for the windows platform.


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Slowly and steadily, windows phone app development has made a niche of its own in the ‘smart’ world. We call that a smart move. DevBatch thus does not leave the windows app development to fend for itself. Being smoothly functional, user-friendly and super stylish, our windows apps are radically trendy. With sound expertise in apps development, each of our applications are infused with innovative features that make using windows phone a lot more fun!. We are able to get your audience hooked to our apps development from day one. This proves to be good for the health of your business and helps you grow steadily without a dilemma of finding good apps development company. What makes these apps even better for you is the fact that they grow as your business does. Get in touch with DevBatch to ride the wave of success!

Various Industries We Serve

Having explored and developed iPhone & Android apps for various industries, we cater to serve in different areas like.



  • Analysis,
  • Planning, Execution,
  • & Increase Profitability


  • E-store Generation,
  • CRM, Operations Management
  • & Secured Transactions.
Windows Application Development

Social Networking

  • Socail Media Marketing solutions
  • & Reporting with
  • Integration Services.
Windows Application Development


  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobility, Financial &
  • Marketing Deviation Analytics.
Windows Application Development


  • Developing HER System,
  • Health Monitoring,
  • Data & Diagnostic Operation.
Windows Application Development


  • Institutions Portals,
  • Websites, Mobility Apps,
  • and Educational Games
Windows Application Development


  • E-ticketing,
  • ERP assurance,
  • and Customer Resource Management.
Windows Application Development


  • 2D and 3D games are
  • also well collocated
  • under our name.

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  • 3+ Years Experienced
  • 100% Confidentiality Assured (Strict NDA Terms)
  • Project Management Service Available
Windows Application Development

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Windows Application Development

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Windows Application Development


Windows Application Development


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Windows Application Development


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Windows Application Development


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Windows Application Development


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  •  keurig shopify ecommerce website


    DevBatch created omni-channel customer experience for one of fortune 500 company named Keurig.
    Customer facing platform as product shelf was deliverable in this engagement.


We at DevBatch, are proud of our accomplishments in windows apps development services. We have planned, designed and executed many mobile apps for windows platform for businesses associated with gaming industry & enterprise clients. Many people would argue that windows app store is not a good investment but that's not essentially true. If even a minor chunk of your target audience uses windows' devices, then you are choosing to cross them out entirely by not having an app built for windows platform. There are many scenarios where a windows app is beneficial for both customers & business because they are challenging on a platform with low competition. Besides, windows platform is simple and feature-rich that gives you a lot of ux ui design & development features. Following are but a few advantages of working with our windows application development services:

FMA (First Mover Advantage):

In the world of technology, things often take a full turn for either best or worst, so Windows might be not so popular right away but there might come a time when it will be. With some of the world's best technical experts working on it, Windows is not a lost cause. Your firm can have all the advantage of being the first representation of your industry in the windows store.

Another Possibility:

Window app store development comes with a lot of exciting features that let your brand stand out. It can be yet another possibility for your business to convert users and customers on a slightly different platform than Android and iOS.

Safer & Protected Apps:

Windows 10 offers enterprise-class security that's built in-design so you don't have to worry about data leakage in customer base.

Business Growth:

Windows offers your brand to present itself with a new outlook at their app store and you can use this opportunity to explore the new methodologies and experiment. You can scale the growth and verify what works for your firm and its customers.


DevBatch is a US based tech consultancy agency that offers premium cross-platform mobile application development services for businesses from all industrial sectors. We have over 7 years of experience in creating most adaptable and smooth running apps for Microsoft with the attractive, user-friendly interface design and development. We have the teams of experienced and skilled mobile app developers who have the creative and technical proficiency to create apps for iOS, Android & Windows and even have them run efficiently on all devices. If you want to launch your brand on MS Windows app store, we are the best mobile application development company in town. Your firm can interview the window developers to work on its project and hire them as a team or hire our dedicated developer (to work solely on your windows app with complete attention and discretion). DevBatch is the best bet to get your app trending

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