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Facilitating cross-platform mobile application development and deployment for a plethora of domains including shopping, security, enterprise, consumer end, marketing and gaming. Mobile app development is multiplied with its utility when it wears the versatility overhead. This versatility is the top sketch of the Hybrid mobile app development programs.

Hybrid Apps Development

Android Studio

Hybrid Apps Development


Hybrid Apps Development

Visual Studio

Hybrid Apps Development


Our cross-platform mobile app development methodologies simplify the development of applications to run flawlessly across multiple mobile platforms. Once our Hybrid mobile app development get between your teeth you will forget usual mobile app development.

Various Industries We Serve

Having explored and developed iPhone & Android apps for various industries, we cater to serve in different areas like.

Hybrid Apps Development


  • Analysis,
  • Planning, Execution,
  • & Increase Profitability
Hybrid Apps Development


  • E-store Generation,
  • CRM, Operations Management
  • & Secured Transactions.
Hybrid Apps Development

Social Networking

  • Socail Media Marketing solutions
  • & Reporting with
  • Integration Services.
Hybrid Apps Development


  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobility, Financial &
  • Marketing Deviation Analytics.


  • Developing HER System,
  • Health Monitoring,
  • Data & Diagnostic Operation.
Hybrid Apps Development


  • Institutions Portals,
  • Websites, Mobility Apps,
  • and Educational Games
Hybrid Apps Development


  • E-ticketing,
  • ERP assurance,
  • and Customer Resource Management.


  • 2D and 3D games are
  • also well collocated
  • under our name.

Hire Mobile Apps Developers

  • 3+ Years Experienced
  • 100% Confidentiality Assured (Strict NDA Terms)
  • Project Management Service Available
Hybrid Apps Development

Full Time

Hybrid Apps Development

Part Time

Hybrid Apps Development


Hybrid Apps Development


Mobile Apps Developed

Hybrid Apps Development


Web App Developed

Hybrid Apps Development


Satisfied Clients

Hybrid Apps Development


Countries We Serve In

Let Our Work Speak

  •  keurig shopify ecommerce website


    DevBatch created omni-channel customer experience for one of fortune 500 company named Keurig.
    Customer facing platform as product shelf was deliverable in this engagement.

Fully Functional, Exclusive & Trust Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Services

What is a Hybrid App or a Cross Platform Application?

A hybrid or cross platform mobile application development combines the best features of native app platforms and web-based application technology. Native apps are developed for a single specific platform while web-based (HTML5) apps can be accessed with mobile or desktop browsers, they use the same code and version for all platforms. Basically, these apps are built within thin native containers but on the inside they offer web-view.

Why go Hybrid?

As far as users are concerned, hybrid apps are hard to distinguish if they operate flawlessly and the user doesn’t know what to look for. But for you as an entrepreneur or a business, hybrid apps can provide certain useful business.

Exceptional hybrid application development services like available at DevBatch, make a hybrid app look like any other smooth functioning app with the user being none the wiser. With a smart, cross platform app development your business can save the extra cost needed for hiring a developer for each individual platform. The main motivators for going for hybrid application development are as follows:

Hybrid mobile app development;

  • Offers full application capability on multiple platforms.
  • Offers functionality on-net & off-net and unified development.
  • Can be integrated with your devices' local file system & web-based services
  • Can offer fast deployment for faster market infiltration.
  • Has an embedded browser to better access to live content.
  • Can offer a lower level access (Minimum Viable Product) to test publics' reaction without wasting resources on full-fledged app launch.
  • Is cost effective as compared to native apps.

Why Choose DevBatch’s Cross Platform mobile application development Services?

DevBatch is a US-based premium mobile and web app development company. Being in the field for a near decade, we know how to blend technology and UI UX design development features to create the masterful hybrid apps. We have teams of fanatic tech experts committed to the client projects, so our proficiency in developing customized hybrid apps using technologies like PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Sencha, SproutCore, and jQuery etc. is unmatched in the market. We combine the power of programming languages like HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript to develop interactive, high performing, scalable apps that will support varying platforms and OS.

Cross platform mobile application development Services at DevBatch can establish your project from an idea to a fully-functional application’s store-submission. We design prototypes based on persona mapping to keep the app designs highly interactive and visually pleasing. Using open source technologies and highly advanced frameworks we create a single, adjustable code that ensures application’s seamless flow on multiple platforms. Our experts take the app testing very seriously, they run all sorts of QA tests on the app before finally launching it on app stores. For keeping your apps in their optimized condition, we monitor it as per client requirement. All in all, your business has a better chance at winning the customers’ favor with us fueling you with our future ready and innovative tech strategic solutions.

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