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ROR Development

One of the topmost used programming languages, Ruby on Rails (ROR) is one of the coding languages that DevBatch uses to write code for great performance in web and SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. Apps written in ROR are rich in features, have the ability to run on a number of operating systems as per your need, and our developers can even help you save costs in development of your app.

Technical Knowledge

  1. Full proficiency in Ruby version 1.8.5 and above
  2. Expertise in JavaScript – helps in boosting speed of application
  3. We are currently using Ruby on Rails versions 1+, 2+, and 3+
  4. Our libraries include JQuery and Prototype
  5. ROR has in-built testing modules: Test Unit, RSpec, Cucumber and rcov
  6. Usage of open source software for integration, for example:
    1. E-commerce software
    2. CRM
    3. Contact Management System
  7. Currently using these operating systems:
    1. Linux
    2. Windows

Development Services

  1. Agile software development methodologies used by DevBatch:
    1. Extreme Programming
    2. Scrum
  2. Help you save development cost using MVC framework offered by Rails
  3. You can run app on any platform:
    1. Mobile
    2. Web
    3. Other 3rd part platforms

Contact us now with your ideas and designs, while you sit back, relax and watch as our Ruby on Rails Developer turn them into beautifully running applications coded in ROR.




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