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Pedometer is a tracking app or a step counting app that enables its fitness savvy users to keep track of their daily activity and optimize it to achieve their healthcare goals. For your fitness, medical or healthy food businesses; a feature packed pedometer app can do wonders. DevBatch offers you customized pedometer app development solutions for iOS, Android, & Window Store. Your users can integrate this app with their wearables and enjoy daily activity in a smart way. Your very own iOS & Android pedometer and step counter app operates as per your brand’s specifications and can be enhanced to include modern fitness features. They can display step count, speed, covered distance, burnt calories, per minute progress, workout history and analysis report. Our ready-made pedometer app solutions can be altered to promote your brand, in addition to tracking steps of your customer-base.

Your Workout Partner

A complete workout monitoring system helping fitness savvy peeps to optimize their performance for health goals achievement. Keep tracking your data on mobile (Android, iOS) & wearable devices. If you're an athlete, fitness trainer or healthcare startup, we can help tailor 'Pedometer app' the way you want.

This app operates proficiently on all kinds of modern devices running on iOS, android and windows. It acts just like physical pedometers which can primarily detect movement and therefore count steps. It displays all the relevant information about your walking sessions such as counting the steps, speed, showing the duration, distance covered, calories burned, steps taken per minute, history for previous sessions and a comprehensive report on total steps taken.

Who Can Benefit From Our Pedometer Application?

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Fitness forums, health care blogs, and workout web portals can also benefit from our pedometer application.

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Individual Users

People who are short on time can use this application to keep track of their exercise regime anytime anywhere!

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Health Care

For the treatment and healthcare of diabetics, cardiovascular & obesity patients, medical facilities can recommend them our app.

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Gym/Fitness Centers

Fitness centers & Gyms can use our pedometer app as part of their services subscription or get a customized one.

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Our "One Minute App" is beneficial for athletes who wish to keep account of steps taken and goals achieved.

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Personal Trainers

Our pedometer application helps professionals offering their fitness consultancy & services on an individual basis.

Pedometer App

Success Footprints

Not only individuals are achieving their health goals but market leaders in health & fitness sector have chosen our pedometer app development services to ensure efficient activity tracking for their clients.

Admin Dashboard & Analytics

Advance capabilities to manage operations across devices from backend and analytics visualization.

Pedometer App

Pedometer App Solutions That Get People To Commit To Making Better Health Choices

The market for pedometer app has grown multifold in last few years. As these apps are improving in their tracking capacity, so is growing the demand for pedometer apps and making people choose active healthy lifestyle. If you are in fitness or healthcare business and looking for a pedometer app development service provider, being a technologically evolved mobile app development company DevBatch has the ultimate answer!

DevBatch is USA based software solution provider that has been offering quality mobile app development services to diverse clientele worldwide. The creative app-enthusiast developers at DevBatch have created the perfect all-rounded pedometer app solutions for businesses vested to support people with their medical conditions and physical fitness goals.

Our Feature Rich Pedometer App Solutions Are the Perfect FIT

User Accounts

Users can create their personal in- app accounts with their identification and body details to personalize their health routine.

Activity Tracking

Activity tracking features monitor the number of step taken with fair accuracy. This feature also can gauge the length of the step, the speed (stroll, brisk walk or jogging) and distance covered during workout.

Social Features

Users can share their routine and goals with friends with social integration features. They can swap tips and personal stories to find motivation.

Workout Calendar

This feature allows users to mark their hours of the day they are free to work out. So that those people who have desk-confining jobs can efficiently plan to make time for their health.

Video Links

Video links from the client brands that created the app can educate people about health exercises, diet tips, disease management and also about their brand’s core beliefs through in-app video sessions.

Personalized Plans

Not all people can have the same running or jogging capacity, not all people can walk same distance on daily basis; our pedometer app solutions enable users to personalize their work out plans.

Visualization of Progress

This feature has dashboard structure to visualize where app users’ current weight-body mass stands at any given time as compared to the goals they aspire to.

Synchronization with Fitness Devices

Wearable fitness gadgets can be synced with app to monitor heart rate and breathing

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