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Working our way up to applications for various enterprises we have mastered event management software systems. Our teams of specialist analysts and programmers are well versed with the needs of event management systems. We are experts in web based event management systems with a central console for supervision all event related activities. We understand that every event is different. Our stellar service and flexibility, allows the users to transform their registration experiences and make their events super successful.

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DevBatch powers ticketing and registration systems for thousands of events each year.
Following are Some of the Brilliant Features & Controls Offered by Mobicon.


 event web registration

Host Unlimited Events

Create, manage, and host limitless events all together with one account.

 event management solutions design

Design Customization

The design of the app is fully customizable.

payment software for events

Manage Your Sales

The app lets you manage your sales, data, reports, and check-in tools on devices operating on any platform.

 event planning software

Streamline Your Planning

Create fully optimized event pages and start selling tickets in no time.

 event tracking software

Check-in And Track Attendance

Produce a list of attendees who are planning to appear and track audience.

 social media event promotion

Grow Your Event

Grow rapidly with DevBatch’s built-in event promotion and social sharing tools.

ecommerce application support

Mobicon App

Mobicon is an all-in-one event planning platform for managing events in an organized & efficient manner. This professional event registration software ensures the security of data, safety of payments and provides ease in administration activities. Be it a music concert, a training session, a doctor's appointment or a corporate event, our solutions are sure to manage customizations, discounts, payments, custom meeting times, CRM integrations or any other online registration needs without any problem.

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Admin Dashboard & Analytics

Advance capabilities to manage content across devices from backend and analytics visualization.

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