There are numerous ecommerce systems from which to pick. If you’re having trouble selecting which platform is better for your company, check out our Best Ecommerce Development in Magento vs Shopify comparison. Choosing the best ecommerce platform for individuals launching an online business, building up an existing web store, or being willing to migrate from one platform to another can be difficult.

The most extensively used platforms for online commerce stores are Magento Community Edition, or just Magento, and Shopify. In this essay, we’ll compare Magento and Shopify on a fundamental level.

Magento Vs Shopify- A Featured Comparison

Basic online store features — Shopify and Magento both provide basic store functionality that is relatively easy to use and maintain on a regular basis. When compared to Magento vs Shopify is easier to set up and utilize. Basic features such as shopping carts, checkout modules, collections, and product pages are available in both Magento and Shopify. The biggest difference is that Magento includes a lot more intermediate and advanced functionality. In order to gain more functionality out of Shopify, you’ll almost always need to acquire an app developed by a shopify development company.

  • Inventory Management

All Shopify plans allow you to have an infinite number of products in your store. By using Magneto, you can develop as well as sell an endless number of products. Both systems make it simple to build goods and collections, but Shopify development services get the edge here because of its direct connectivity with dropshipping inventory tools like Oberlo.

While Magento allows for a virtually unlimited number of products, if you add too many products to your Magento store, your host (server) performance and site loading speed may suffer as a result – something you won’t have to worry about with Shopify because it is a fully managed and hosted solution.

  • Shipping charges computation

Both platforms provide versatile and powerful tools for calculating shipping charges, which is one of the most basic and important parts of selling physical goods via an online storefront. Shopify also interfaces with several dropshipping tools (including delivery estimates) and more precise shipping calculators, which can be useful for a Shopify development company if it wants to be as precise as possible with its clients.

  • Provision for Coupons and discount codes

Is Magneto better than Shopify? The answer to this question is yes. Shopify, an underdog in this category, does not include this feature in its Lite plan, but it is included in all other levels. Magento includes functionality for creating and calculating discount codes right out of the box.

  • Payment Gateway Options

Shopify has a significant advantage here, with support for over 70 payment gateways, but Magento is at a disadvantage with support for a far smaller number of gateways. Third-party add-ons, on the other hand, can be used to add more gateways to your Magento store. Shopify’s greatest flaw, in my opinion, is that it pushes you to use its built-in payment method. Shopify’s payment gateway has no transaction costs, however third-party gateways charge fees.

  • Themes and Templates

Both Shopify and Magento have a huge range of themes and templates that can be customized to match your items and preferences. While the quantity of free Shopify themes is substantially less than that of Magento Open Source, it should be noted that the free Shopify themes are often more contemporary than the Magento Open Source themes.


Magento and Shopify are excellent platforms for launching an online store. However, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As a result, your choice should be based on your individual needs and e-commerce objectives. For this purpose, you should also take the assistance of an ecommerce development services company from DevBatch.

Despite the fact that both platforms allow you to grow and expand, Magento is designed specifically for it. Magento development services can assist you in starting a global business with ease and comfort. However, if you have no aspirations to expand and only want to open a small or medium store, Shopify is the ideal solution for you. It is also more user-friendly and cost-effective. 

In a nutshell, in Magento vs. Shopify Comparison, Shopify is much easier to use.

Magento necessitates a more refined strategy. Setting up your business online requires both time and technical expertise. Magneto, on the other hand, is the appropriate solution for you if you’re looking to build your business and have a professional developer on your team.