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How Bad Website Design Can Be Harmful To Your Business?

Ever heard that the First Impression Is The Last Impression? Yes, that’s how your target audience judges your website. And this impression is highly dependent on your website design. Your site design is the first thing anyone will notice while visiting your site and honestly, that’s the deciding element in if they will stay or leave the site. If your site succeeds to pass that first impression test, you pretty much have won their confidence and trust to turn them into loyal customers.

Above all, it’s not just the viewing appeal but also the quality of content, usability, and customer experience that decide your business’s virtual success. While over 75% of users have shared that they judge the website’s trustworthiness through its design, multiple businesses find it hard to fathom how bad website design can be harmful to your business. Neglecting site design can harm your business in multiple ways that we are finally going to discuss in detail below.

How Does A Bad Website Design Looks Like?

Although there are no set rules, themes, or designs that differentiate between good and bad website design, certain prominent characteristics do work a great deal to indicate that a website has a poorly executed design. And remember that a bad design is not equivalent to a site that doesn’t have quality information or potential. Your site can have great content and potential but still, users will leave it in seconds because again the first impression.

Disorganized And Crowded

A good website contains a few elements i.e. contact information, mission statement, call-to-action, etc. Things that are necessary, useful, and don’t add to the clutter. But if your site is fully cluttered and doesn’t separate information with a breathable amount of white space, it will appear rushy, unprofessional, and of course less trustworthy.

Disorganized And Crowded Website Design

Unbalanced Use Of Animation

Animations appear professional only if added wisely. But if you use them too much, especially the ones having a large size, they can add to multiple complexities like difficulty finding information, poor load speed, and site difficult to digest for users. This will scare the users away no matter how much potential information you have to share.

Lack of Quality Content

Search engines are all about providing quality content to their users so should your website. If your site doesn’t have quality content for users and is not well-optimized for search engines, you will eventually see a drastic decline in your conversion rate. While multiple things contribute to bad website design, content problems are inescapable and should be fixed immediately.

Lack of Quality Content

Non-responsive Websites

Now more people use mobile devices to make online searches which require your site to be optimized for mobile viewing. Else it will affect your user experience making users leave, and increasing the bounce rate. So if you want to develop a high-performing, and  responsive site, hire our professional developers to avail of our Web Design and Development services.

Poor Usability And Navigation

Your website should be designed to ensure easy access and navigation. That means your target users should be able to find your website, easily navigate it, and above all access relevant information easily. All of these factors made or mar usability. So if your website has poor usability, your potential prospects will eventually click away from it.

How Poorly Designed Website Can Harm Your Business?

There are multiple ways in which a bad website design can be harmful to your business but some of the most prominent ones include

Lower Google Ranking

Your website should have the visually convincing ability to make users stay for a significant amount of time and doesn’t leave in seconds. However, if your website design fails to do so, your SEO efforts will fail terribly no matter how good of a strategy you may use. When users leave the site immediately, this increases your bounce rate which Google interprets as the website having nothing significant to offer. Thus, it derank your site from its SERPs which leads to customers not finding you anymore.

Lower Google Ranking

Reduced Trustworthiness 

You cannot gain virtual success if you cannot win customers’ trustworthiness by appearing credible. Research shows that users make their opinion about your business’s credibility within 0.05 seconds of visiting your site. This means that’s all you have to make them leave or stay on the website. Over 35% of users will click away from your website if it has content, layout, or even spelling errors. Thus, you should ensure to have all these little details intact to make users take action.

Bad User Experience

Your website should appear the same on mobile as it may appear on the desktop. This is one of the most important elements that make or destroy your site user experience. A good website has a design that is responsive on all devices, most importantly mobiles. As now more people utilize search engines through their mobile devices than ever, they refer to websites or businesses with effective mobile design more. So your website’s multi-device responsiveness is another important element that will help or hinder yielding digital success.

Affected Customer Base

Your website should provide an optimal user experience to enhance the customer base and drive more sales. But if your site design fails to do so, more than 85% of your could be potential customers will never return to your website. Your website should be designed in a way to attract potential customers, help interaction and navigation easy for them and make them take action to drive sales for your business. But if your website design fails to help customers in this all, you will lose potential sales, revenue, and most importantly customers.

How to Check If Your Website Design Is Professional or Not?

Again there are no hard and fast rules to judge if a website design is good or bad but you can check your website for certain things to ensure it has a good design or not.

  • Ask yourself or check if you have updated your website in the last 3-4 years. If not, it’s a sign to do it now. Regularly updating your site is crucial so that you may not appear out of business.
  • See or ask others to analyze if your site is easy-to-navigate or has a suffocating amount of pages some even buried in the footer. If yes, you need to immediately put effort to fix this issue
  • Analyze your site load speed and take action accordingly. You should never take your eyes off it. If it loads painfully slow, resize the images on it along with taking  other relevant actions.
  • Check if your site is understandable to your target users. That your services and products and their benefits  should be easy to understand for them. If not, this needs to be fixed urgently.

Professional Website Design


Having a good website design may require some investment initially but it will give you recurring awards and could be the major base for your business’ success. As you now have developed a good understanding of how bad website design can be harmful to your business, let’s summarize what is a good website design. A good website design ensures that your website loads faster, is crawlable by search engines, easy-to-navigate, appeals to the users, and above all makes them take action.