• A customer success Intern supports your customers as they transition from sales prospects to active customers who work with you on a project.
  • Customer service reps react as problems come up, but CS Interns work to fix issues before they happen.
  • Customer success Intern proactively lookout for their customers’ business, suggesting new and innovative ways to keep them succeeding with your products.
  • Customer success Intern has a high-level view of the customer lifecycle throughout their engagement with the company, so they have a bird’s eye perspective. They use this perspective to add value for your customers—and your company.
  • Customer success Intern Interlineate customer retention, solve customer issues and drive customer satisfaction that eventually results in the expansion of customer accounts.
  • Customer success Intern see which problems affect multiple clients, and forecast what those trends mean for future churn.


  • Customer success Intern must be Empathetic. He has to be able to connect with the customer over both their successes and frustrations to develop a long-term bond.
  • Customer success intern should have strong organization and presentation skills.
  • Leadership skills— Customer success Intern often take on leadership roles for the customer success team.
  • Excellent Communication Skills.

       3 Months Internship leading to a permanent job with a good stipend.

       Females are encouraged to apply.

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