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Ruby on Rails Web Development

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Ruby is one of the most powerful programming languages, being used on an open-source web app framework called Rails. The Ruby On Rails development technology with a feature-rich framework and built-in test automation is proving to be a trusted platform for developing high-performance web and SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. Our ROR development team consists of the best engineers. We use modern technologies and approaches like Agile Scrum to deliver best and competitive quality of ROR services to our clients. We have matured into a large Ruby on Rails development team and QA professionals. We also offer website adaptation for mobile devices, creating single API for the web and native applications.

ROR Development

ROR Technical Expertise

Our ROR developers are fully proficient in Ruby 1.8.5+, 1.9+, and JavaScript, which creates the speed boosting effect in mobile applications. Speaking of the framework, we are currently using Ruby on Rails 1+, 2+, and 3+, and the libraries include Jquery and Prototype. The beauty of this technology is that it has built-in testing modules such as Test Unit, RSpec, Cucumber, and rcov. We are using all these modules to ensure seamless development. We are also using some open-source software for integration such as third party e-commerce software, CRMs, and Content Management Systems. We are also currently working on Windows and Linux operating systems.

ROR Development Services offered by DevBatch

Our company has deployed some of the industry’s best Ruby on Rails developers, providing you with a range of ROR development services to select from. We are following agile software development methodologies such as Extreme Programming and Scrum. We help you save costs by deploying solutions through the MVC framework offered by Rails, as a result of which, you can run your apps on any platform including mobile, web, and other third party applications.

Our ROR development services include:

  • Ruby on Rails development.
  • Porting application to Ruby on Rails.
  • Application architecture re-design or enhancements.
  • ROR Test-Driven Development.
  • Rails generation.
  • Rails App structure.
  • Model-view-controller.
  • Database Migration.
  • Rails routing.
  • Form and Files Uploads.
  • Debugging and Rails Console.
  • REST and RESTFUL architecture.
  • Rails Paradigms like Convention over Configuration.


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