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Offshore Managed Services

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Ease Your IT Operations with Next Generation NOC Services 

Businesses often face a challenge to manage their operations for network, applications, servers, databases and workstations. And this is not recommended to hire a resource for every bit of the task your organization needs.

In order to help you with this business need, DevBatch offers solutions to manage your IT operations with proven expertise in NOC services. Being a digital consulting company, we totally understand your need of having a trustworthy and skilled resource to manage critical operations. For which we have a well-picked set of services that takes care of your servers management, applications and network management and monitoring, databases and workstation continuum.

Every business has this aim to stand out in the market based on their key portfolio while dealing with ad-hoc tasks steals away a lot of time and efforts. Though, there are certain tasks and operations owning a prudent value in accomplishing the big goals; and NOC services count on the top few of the list.

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Managed Services Help You Offload Work and Stay Efficient

Here is how our NOC services save you time, efforts and resources while making your operations more efficient and result driven:

  • Keep up with the changing needs of your operations by adding, eliminating and updating devices/operations.
  • Ready to deploy IT infrastructure to your business and clients.
  • Transparent monitoring of your IT infrastructure to look into the performance health.
  • Dealing with the NOC services on your behalf, using your PSA/Ticketing tools.
  • Keep a friction-free contact with your team on a strategic level, letting go the worries of operational management.

We marry your operations’ problems with impeccable solutions. So that you can have a great return dealing with your data centers, storages, backup and management of the servers that span some of the most critical operations of your business. Our operational reporting and management systems and methodologies are designed to help you with taking care of the health and smooth performance that leads to the increased productivity.

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