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Online Booking and Reservation Systems
September 20, 2015
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The idea for an online reservation system came to reality in 1960’s when airlines decided to manage their ticket transactions. Later, it was also adapted by different travel agencies in order to simplify their client’s processes. Today, large enterprises and government organizations have made online ticketing booking system reach every customer via Internet Gateways; and it helps users to book flights, trains, buses, and even ferries.

The functionality, however, is altered accordingly in order to solve particular requirements of customers. The current web reservation system works as a tool that has helped tourism reach certain heights. With such mechanism, the local industries are now able to reach out to more customers; nationally and internationally. This has also helped with the expansion of businesses worldwide, thus helping economies grow globally.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why having online reservation systems for your business is beneficial:

Accessible 24×7 for all customers

Customers can reserve tickets at any time of the day, even if it’s outside the working hours. Recent surveys have shown that people make most of the bookings at evening when returning to their homes. Everyone now has a laptop or a personal computer with an internet connection, so booking tickets 24×7 can be a great help to every customer. For instance: when performing online airline reservation, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot at the travel agent, and waiting for your turn to avail the service, instead, you can book a flight on the spot anytime you want, anywhere you want.

Commission free service

Many people have to pay a commission for booking through different portals, meaning customers will have to pay extra money to these sources for reserving tickets for you. This is usually seen with railway bookings as, people have sometimes book urgently so, many web portals make lots of money with that. But with railway ticket booking software, users will have the benefit of saving that money because everything will be in your hands. Also, such portals can be harmful to your business as you will be promoting them while asking your customers to visit and book tickets.

Minimizing the burden on employees

For businesses that have not deployed online reservation system are basically processing all of their tasks manually. Whereas, an online booking system ensures that everything is handled effectively and automatically. This way, your employees will not have to waste their time when looking for the required information. Another advantage is that the software sends emails for confirming the booking so, employees work also reduces for this task.

Getting the best price comparison

Online booking gives you the freedom of shopping around until you find the best price available. Usually, travelers don’t get such freedom when they are booking flights or railway tickets from one travel agent. This helps customers to check various other airlines, railways, buses, or ferries before making a decision to purchase.

Excellent customer service

Online ticket booking is not only about creating contact forms as contact forms are unable to provide customers with a proper understanding of your company’s availability. It is necessary that your company is providing the best customer service so that people get what they pay for.

Checking in online

By booking flight or tickets online, users will save a lot of time through checking in online. For instance: if anyone is going to fly nationally, they will be able to check in as early as 24 hours, or 1 hour before the flight. While booking a ticket for the railway, users are able to save their time by checking in for the available train that will be going tomorrow morning, or that is going to leave within an hour. Major ticketing and reservation companies are now offering mobile check-ins through which travelers can get boarding passes sent on their mobile phones.

Changing or cancelling tickets

A big advantage that online ticketing provides is changing or cancelling a ticket. All a user has to do is log in directly to the website and change the flight, or tickets on a later date, upgrade to a different class, or even cancel the reservation.

In the end

Online booking systems can be safely said the future of sectors such as ticketing, airlines, buses, and ferries etc. Adopting this system will surely help in expanding business globally, which in turn will create economies to grow further and stronger.

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