DevBatch CEO Talks to SAT Candidates About the Future of IT in Pakistan |
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Lahore __ July 17, 2016 __ On Sunday at PUCIT, DevBatch got this opportunity to talk to about 500+ candidates for SAT. These young minds had just got done with their intermediate qualification and were seeking a career in computer science. It was an amazing chance to share the industry insights with these incredible attendees. Where some might see Pakistan as a decently growing country in the IT sector, we see it an amazing opportunity to be one of the game changers.

DevBatch has always been harping on the motto to “Be the Positive Difference” and we are striving to contribute and see the Pakistan’s IT industry reaching heights on the global map. And this can only be done if we have the right talent with a right mindset. So, the CEO, Mr. Waqas Khan Pitafi, shared the opportunities about to flow with the rising tide of innovation in IT. Looking at the young potential of the new talent it is true that “Pakistan’s future is safe, Pakistan’s IT future is exciting.” says, Waqas Khan Pitafi, CEO DevBatch Digital and Business Consulting.

Every other day we are hearing some buzz about the youth of Pakistan putting its mark in the field of IT, one way or the other. Seems like the days are gone when there was a “plethora” of only two fields for the teens to choose their career from. Still, in order to get the best out of this broader approach to career, there must be a good career counseling with university candidates. And for this, industry and academia should minimize the gap between the supply and demand of a particular degree program graduates.

This interaction with hundreds of upcoming CS graduates was a good chance to forecast the future of IT in Pakistan. While, DevBatch is designing some opportunities for the nation in IT, as well. Now it is, on the part of, industry to play an active role in streamlining the career path for thousands of graduates. And if we do it right, this talent is what going to make us achieve beyond the pre-framed achievements in the IT industry.

DevBatch wishes all the best to the coming generation of Geeks.

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