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To develop a Native or HTML5 or Cross Platform is an important decision. While making the choice you have to consider these factors: Performance User Interface and User Experience Security Platform Features Platform Data Development Tools Deployments Performance Native apps tend to perform better. The applications have to be built correctly on either platform but […]

Mobile phone as social hub – lost opportunity?
September 2, 2013

Almost everybody has a phone, even if it is not a smartphone yet. If you are like me you might not be the biggest fan of website facilitating social networking. Good old social networking was done like this. There are dozens and dozens of social media websites currently in existence. That is even if you disregard […]

Enterprise mobility is not just a status or fashion symbol for any particular business model in today’s time; it has become the most BASIC requirement for businesses to reach out to their target audiences in shortest possible time. Banking and the general financial sector is the biggest consumer of mobile banking applications and other financial […]

Why Ruby on Rails for Web Apps?
February 25, 2013

Why ruby on rails for web apps? This is a big question for many companies which have been working in the area of web development. Quicker launch, easy to change and cost effectiveness are the most important factors that make ruby the best option for the companies building web apps. Ruby on Rails is a […]

When demands grow, businesses accelerate. What makes a difference is how early you are able to translate the demands into the supply. Technology is playing a significant role in transforming businesses to help them drive revenue, customer engagement and so the productivity. IT departments have the ability to turn their focus to applications that change […]

With the emergence of social networking methods from an individual to a corporate level, Mobile Engagement is gaining more and more popularity. Ease of access from anywhere to anyone or anything online is what everyone prefers nowadays. This is where Mobile Apps are playing their significant role in not only bringing people closer but also […]

Magic In Combination of PhoneGap & jQuery
February 4, 2013

Mobile applications development for multiple platforms without writing separate codes has been a concern for quite some time. PhoneGap has solved the issue by serving to be an ideal framework for apps that need to run on multiple devices like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Palm. PhoneGap beautifies apps development with easiest technologies […]