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It will not be wrong to call our mobile phones as ‘saviors’ because they actually are. From shopping to security, enterprise to consumer, and marketing to gaming applications, we are becoming increasingly dependent on our mobile devices that include iPhone, Android, tablets, Windows Phones, BlackBerry Phones and several other handheld devices that are facilitating our daily […]

Online Booking and Reservation Systems
September 20, 2015
Android development

The idea for an online reservation system came to reality in 1960’s when airlines decided to manage their ticket transactions. Later, it was also adapted by different travel agencies in order to simplify their client’s processes. Today, large enterprises and government organizations have made online ticketing booking system reach every customer via Internet Gateways; and […]

Why Hire An Offshore Developer?
March 11, 2015

Many people in USA, UK, Canada and Gulf Regions ask this question: Why should I hire an offshore developer? The following is an attempt to answer this very common question. As the wave of technologization came crashing, companies gradually started realizing the fact that their target markets are not in the tangible, physical marketplaces anymore, […]

How Mobile Applications Can Make Your Business Grow
February 3, 2015

A business of any size – be it small or a multinational corporation –always looks for ways to expand and grow further. Marketing your brand, product or services to a larger customer base is definitely on your agenda. So what is the best way to grow your business so that it reaches a wider customer […]

Agile Methodology For Mobile Application Development
December 20, 2014

Benefits of Agile Methodology in Software Development Like every other business, software development has innovations and technological enhancements that create a trend for as long as we have something better in place. If we divide the software development companies or more precisely the mobile app development companies according to the development approach, we can clearly […]

App Development Companies – Read Before Hiring
December 18, 2014

App Development Companies – Read Before Hiring Research and rapid technological advancements have made possible such things that were not even considered possible a decade back. Now the world is literally compressed to fit the palm of our hands. With such a large amount of developments taking place on a daily basis and newer technologies […]

Mobile Sales Drivers According to Descending Order
December 18, 2014

According to a recent survey by Forrester’s Consumer Technographics, it is revealed its only loyalty programs which top the list in promoting and sales of Mobile Apps their ratio is 46% Then comes Mobile Apps Retailers their ratio is 28% and afterward there comes flash or rather instant sales when a mobile app becomes available […]

5 Important Factors Before Developing a Mobile App
December 18, 2014

As big corporations and small businesses are now realizing the need to have a mobile app incorporated in their businesses. So now focusing how to cap traffic mostly coming out of the mobile users market and trying to find out and test their strategies to get better returns on their products or services. It’s very […]

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