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Application improvement is about convenience and making life easier. To be effective, you need to investigate your business and see what sort of application could help you make a decent notoriety among your clients and your potential clients. Ensure that your application includes esteem or is exceptionally helpful to guarantee that individuals would utilize it […]

5 Ways to Learn Python Programming
July 14, 2016

Python programming language is gaining fame among programmers over the past years. From web developers to game designers to in-house tool designers, many of us have fallen in love with the python programming language. Why? As a result of its uncomplicated learning uncomplicated to use, and extremely powerful. There are many net resources to start […]

The role of a game designer is considered to be one of the coolest jobs out there. Though, crafting an impeccable game design takes great efforts and a hands-on knowledge of the underlying psychology. For that, mentioned are the 5 important tips for the game design you need to consider now. They will not only contribute to […]

It will not be wrong to call our mobile phones as ‘saviors’ because they actually are. From shopping to security, enterprise to consumer, and marketing to gaming applications, we are becoming increasingly dependent on our mobile devices that include iPhone, Android, tablets, Windows Phones, BlackBerry Phones and several other handheld devices that are facilitating our daily […]

How Augmented Reality Works
September 30, 2015

Augmented reality has built a great hype in today’s world. The reason this technology has gained popularity is because it modifies the reality with such images that are created onto actual environment. This is also known as illusion or virtual reality. Many experts of this field define this as the combination of actual scenes observed […]

Online Booking and Reservation Systems
September 20, 2015
Android development

The idea for an online reservation system came to reality in 1960’s when airlines decided to manage their ticket transactions. Later, it was also adapted by different travel agencies in order to simplify their client’s processes. Today, large enterprises and government organizations have made online ticketing booking system reach every customer via Internet Gateways; and […]

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