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As the use of technology has a humungous growth ratio, so the focus is turning more and more to user interface and user experience in apps development. Companies are now concentrating on the effectiveness of apps and analyze their effectiveness that involves app usage. Recent analytical reports have suggested that there is a significant lack […]

As the Christmas is fast approaching so does the hotel, travelling, tourism, motels and especially restaurants industry professional are eying to en-cash this mega event’s lucrative financial aspect. Whether its e-commerce store or a discount tour package, a throw away price gifts promo or selection of travel destination, Food menu list or advance booking in […]

Here’s an excellent article on this topic originally published at information-age. Read on! 5 things apps taught the enterprise mobility in 2014 Although the adoption of mobile apps in an enterprise has been much slower than the consumer market, 2014 was a very pivotal year for their development. According to enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform IBM MaaS360, its […]

Planning an event? Planning several at a time? Well, you sure have a lot of people to invite, register and keep track of; payments to be made, sales revenues to be checked, dates to be remembered, venues to be finalized. There is just so much to do! DevBatch Introduce Mobicon App for Event Planning – Registration […]

Enterprises are struggling hard to maintain their market presence by trying out various and unique marketing methodologies. However, all businesses that are targeting web to be the main platform for selling and marketing their products cannot ignore the massive growth of the mobile industry. Websites are being optimized by various app and software development companies […]

Ruby on Rails development is one of the frameworks used by many developers for web and server side development across the world. Ruby on Rails Development – Benefits ROR development is always quick and fast. Developers can complete the whole project in 4 weeks which normally takes 12 weeks if done on other programming languages. Ruby […]

About National Railways of Zimbabwe The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) was established in 1980. This Government owned rail system operates in accordance with the regulations and policies of the public sector, and is spread over 2760 kilometers all across Zimbabwe. The central location of Zimbabwe in Southern African Region gives it the ultimate importance […]