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Like the customers of all the other device and gadget companies, Apple customers also want quality and finesse in the products they use. This applies to the soft products and services, too; that is, the applications and widgets on their iOS devices. Developers may hold expertise in iOS app development, but you as a client […]

Ruby and PHP are both well-known programming languages used by web developers all over the world. There are definitely plenty developers out there who hold expertise over both of the two programming languages. Both programming languages were developed around the same time. Here, we will first talk a little about the both of the languages, […]

Everyone’s got a website. You have a website. I have a website. She, he, they, everybody’s got a website. But, do you have a mobile friendly website? That’s the important question now. It will soon become the determining factor for the ranking of your website on Google. Those with a mobile friendly website will be […]

With a set of 13 software packages and 7 different development models available to work with, ASP.NET is an open source, the web, and mobile application development framework. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to write code in this framework. ASP.NET is developed by and runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system. With its vast […]

Chat App for Android and iPhone
March 12, 2015

Chat App is a universal social chatting application. It has been developed in native by DevBatch for Android and iOS operating system devices. With the high demand for chat applications in the market, DevBatch has also created an app to meet the demands and needs of your customers. That is the best thing about this […]

Why Hire An Offshore Developer?
March 11, 2015

Many people in USA, UK, Canada and Gulf Regions ask this question: Why should I hire an offshore developer? The following is an attempt to answer this very common question. As the wave of technologization came crashing, companies gradually started realizing the fact that their target markets are not in the tangible, physical marketplaces anymore, […]

Native iOS Mobile App Development Native mobile app development is the process of developing apps for particular hardware platforms on the operating system level, such as; Android, and iOS, etc. These applications run faster than hybrid or web applications, but they are more difficult to build. Native mobile app development provides you a fast performance […]