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It will not be wrong to call our mobile phones as ‘saviors’ because they actually are. From shopping to security, enterprise to consumer, and marketing to gaming applications, we are becoming increasingly dependent on our mobile devices that include iPhone, Android, tablets, Windows Phones, BlackBerry Phones and several other handheld devices that are facilitating our daily […]

Application improvement is about convenience and making life easier. To be effective, you need to investigate your business and see what sort of application could help you make a decent notoriety among your clients and your potential clients. Ensure that your application includes esteem or is exceptionally helpful to guarantee that individuals would utilize it […]

Three Tips to remember 1) Don’t make a decent attempt Goldman Sachs needed to feel important and more like a more youthful era, so it chose to add a progression of emojis to accomplish it. The issue is they presumably didn’t consider the instance of emoji weariness, which prompted a tweet that was broadly spread […]

google-penalty-jail-ss-1920 SEO

Google will strengthen its accentuation on the portable hunt involvement with another punishment influencing “meddlesome interstitials” on versatile site pages.   Google has declared that it will start taking action against “Nosy interstitials” on January 10, 2017, in light of the fact that this sort of promotion “can be tricky on cell phones where screens […]

The Mango Party Bash in the House!
August 10, 2016

It is said that fun and happiness are contagious, you share them and they get multiplied. We truly believe this notion and hence strive our best to maintain a friendly and happy environment at DevBatch. And why wouldn’t we do that? Obviously, it is about the team who is the foundation of all what the […]

Newark, CA – August 4, 2016 – DevBatch, Inc., an enterprise mobility, business intelligence, cloud applications and managed services consulting company, starts to work on a technology consulting project with Staples Inc. – a Fortune 500 company. Staples is one of the top 10 retailers in Fortune 500, hosting $23 billion annual revenues. During the […]

Big Win! Keurig Chooses to Work with DevBatch
July 18, 2016

DevBatch scores a big deal starting working with Keurig, a prominent name in the prestigious list of Fortune 500. Which is today, hosting $5 billion as their revenues. It is a matter of proud and a pleasure to mention, at a very young age, DevBatch has made it to the past master of beverages industry in the US. […]

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