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How to Hire a Pro Mobile or Web App Developer?

Do you need to hire a dedicated developer or web application developer for a project you have been working on? Are you hesitating in choosing a developer because you are have heard all sort of horror stories about how an app developer ruined a project and people who had to start all over again from scratch?

google seminar

Game Studio of DevBatch Got Invited to Attend App Summit 2017 Held at Google Asia Pacific HQ

Team OXO and the CEO of DevBatch Mr. Waqas Khan Pitafi attended this one day summit, followed by another day full of meeting up with the great folks at Google. . The main agenda of the app summit revolved around how to develop and help promote growth in app development companies.

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Famous Backend Web App Development Frameworks in 2017

As far as web development services are concerned, frameworks fuel the performance of programming language and enrich their capabilities. They also contain libraries with coding shortcuts to save the developers from writing the similar code every time.

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The Holiday Season ’s Digital Marketing Strategy: As Formulated by Experts

This season could change the revenue income for the whole year. So, it is better you should prepare your digital marketing strategy beforehand because your competitors are all going to be all in. Your brand needs to launch a campaign so amazingly creative that your gets the attention of your customers wherever they are.

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Launch Your Own Transport Business with Uber-Like App development

It’s understandable that you wish to launch a company through a Uber like app development, since it’s been steadily growing to become a worldwide phenomenon. Everyone has heard of Uber and most of them have used it, even those who claimed to hate it.

Top 9 Tips for an Effective Holiday ASO Strategy

Holiday season is but a month away and people are beginning to think about their Christmas shopping lists. Which in the business world presents the best opportunity to generate highest revenue rate of the year past.

Android Surpasses Windows to Become the New King of Operating Systems

Google has yet again achieved another landmark last month by leaving behind Microsoft’s Windows. Android has now made its place in the market by becoming the most used operating system on the web.

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Mobile App Developers - Why Do You Need Them?

All the software programs are developed by certified mobile app developers, and they provide ease beyond voice; entertainment and information.

4 Effective Digital Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses to Get their Profits Hopping this Easter

There is a list of the most effective digital marketing Ideas small businesses should employ this Easter. These superb marketing campaigns incorporate outstanding integrations with social media activities and provide the best possible chances for small businesses to display their creativity.

The Most Effective Way To Grow Your Business With Smartphone Apps

Application improvement is about convenience and making life easier. To be effective, you need to investigate your business and see what sort of application could help you make a decent notoriety among your clients and your potential clients. Ensure that your application includes esteem or is exceptionally helpful to guarantee that individuals would utilize it and would be happy to utilize it.

Instructions to utilize Emojis in your Advertising effort

Goldman Sachs needed to feel important and more like a more youthful era, so it chose to add a progression of emojis to accomplish it. The issue is they presumably didn’t consider the instance of emoji weariness, which prompted a tweet that was broadly spread for the wrong reasons.

“Intrusive interstitials” could badly affect your website ranking but there is a solution.

Google will strengthen its accentuation on the portable hunt involvement with another punishment influencing “meddlesome interstitials” on versatile site pages. Google has declared that it will start taking action against “Nosy interstitials” on January 10, 2017, in light of the fact that this sort of promotion “can be tricky on cell phones where screens are frequently littler.”

The Mango Party Bash in the House!

It is said that fun and happiness are contagious, you share them and they get multiplied. We truly believe this notion and hence strive our best to maintain a friendly and happy environment at DevBatch.

Django Development: Things you must know About before Starting your Company

Are you looking forward in a Django development company? If you are then, there are few things you must consider before you actually start selling Django development services. It’s better to learn from the mistakes that other people did. Today, I am sharing my story so that you can avoid the mistakes that I did while development.

5 Ways to Learn Python Programming

Python programming language is gaining fame among programmers over the past years. From web developers to game designers to in-house tool designers, many of us have fallen in love with the python programming language. Why? As a result of its uncomplicated learning uncomplicated to use, and extremely powerful.

5 Important Tips You Need To Consider Now

The role of a game designer is considered to be one of the coolest jobs out there. Though, crafting an impeccable game design takes great efforts and a hands-on knowledge of the underlying psychology. For that, mentioned are the 5 important tips for the game design you need to consider now.

How Augmented Reality Works

Augmented reality has built a great hype in today’s world. The reason this technology has gained popularity is because it modifies the reality with such images that are created onto actual environment. This is also known as illusion or virtual reality.

Top 10 Hybrid App Development Tools for Enterprises

Hybrid App Development Tools are becoming increasingly essential for exactly this purpose, for swift, extensive development and deployment of cross-platform app development.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Android Application

The cost of developing an android app can be compared to the cost of building a house. When you ask for a budget from your builders, they will not give an answer straight away as, they will want to know about the type of house that you are looking to build.

Top 10 Things To Know Before Hiring Mobile App Developer

Creating your first ever app is a beautiful journey to embark on. Feeling a little hesitant can be a natural process for anyone, however, let me tell you that you’re not alone on this journey. There are thousands of people with the same mindset as yours that are looking to create their first app.

Why use PHP for Web Development

Internet has reached more than a billion websites today, and it still continues to be the main source of getting the content of our requirement. That being said, websites now have become more dynamic and less static, making it easy for PHP to develop websites that replicate the existing state of user engagement.

How to Find iPhone App Developers for Hire

With the number of usage in mobile devices increasing rapidly, the skill sets of mobile app developers are also increasing, with a project to project.

How to Choose the Best .NET Application Developers in USA

With a set of 13 software packages and 7 different development models available to work with, ASP.NET is an open source, the web, and mobile application development framework. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to write code in this framework. ASP.NET is developed by and runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

How To Triple The Sales of Taxi Business With Free App

Technology has caused massive enhancements in our lifestyles; making it seem like there is barely any time left for any activities, tasks and work to be completed on time. However, if used properly, the same technology can be the source of saving our time. For instance, when calling for a taxi on the road, people usually waste a lot of time that could have spent somewhere else.

Latest Trends And Challenges For Enterprise Mobility Solution

Enterprise mobility as a trend started back in 2010, and now in 2015, it has grown enormously to something that everyone can easily implement. Enterprise mobility refers to the process in which employees of any organization work outside from the office and use cloud services on their mobile devices for business work.

3 Most Powerful Frameworks For Cross Platform Development

Mobile application development is the process by which applications are developed for mobile phones, handheld devices, and similar gadgets with internet facilities. These applications are either pre-installed during manufacture of device, or downloadable through an app store. During the processes of development, developers have to consider diversity in device screen size, orientation, pixels, hardware specifications and configurations for the application to survive in the market.

The truth about PHP and Ruby on Rails in light of latest research

Ruby and PHP are both well-known programming languages used by web developers all over the world. There are definitely plenty developers out there who hold expertise over both of the two programming languages. Both programming languages were developed around the same time. Here, we will first talk a little about the both of the languages, giving you a bit of their backgrounds, and then compare their own syntax and code behaviorisms and how this affects development using the two languages.

7 Social Media Myths That Help Business Marketing Strategies

Social media is probably one of the fastest means of communication, entertainment, information, infotainment, everything. Lately, it seems to be as if almost everyone has started relying on the social media for communication, whether as an advertisement, personal communication and socializing or even for business purposes.

Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid – Mobile Application Development Platforms

Comparison of Mobile Application Development Platforms: Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid While considering our options for getting a mobile application developed, we must consider something important: native, web or hybrid. Should we get a native mobile app developed for the company, or would a web application be a better choice?

How Mobile Applications Can Make Your Business Grow

A business of any size – be it small or a multinational corporation –always looks for ways to expand and grow further. Marketing your brand, product or services to a larger customer base is definitely on your agenda. So what is the best way to grow your business so that it reaches a wider customer base and you start on building a loyal clientele?

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Native Mobile App Development – Framework Comparison

Before explaining Native Mobile Apps Development Framework Comparison it is important to go through important definitions to further clarify the topic. Native Mobile App A native mobile app is a smartphone application that is encoded via specific programming language, such as Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android operating systems.

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How to choose for Mobile Apps Development outsourcing between India, Pakistan and China?

Mobile apps development is in big demand and is speculated to continue its surge in the next 5 years and beyond. Global revenue from app stores is expected to rise 62% this year to $25 billion, according to Gartner Inc.

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Mobile phone as social hub – lost opportunity?

Almost everybody has a phone, even if it is not a smartphone yet. If you are like me you might not be the biggest fan of website facilitating social networking. Good old social networking was done like this.