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IMC, a Saudi multifaceted hospital with specialty centers offering a wide range of comprehensive treatment options for numerous health concerns, chose DevBatch for building a Physician & Women Health application for mobile devices and Web Applications for Physicians and Patients as well. The applications are controlled and monitored using an Admin Panel. As a result, we developed an application that functions as a thorough virtual assistant and manages a number of the crucial tasks related to clinical care, saving money, and bringing ease to patients.


The customer wanted a web Applications & Women Health and Physician Mobile Applications company to create a mobile application designed with the aim of developing a superior interactive mobile health app experience regardless of the customer’s choice of device. This application was created to provide intensive care patients with secure access to their medical history and healthcare professionals. The development involves building a Physician & Women Health application for Mobile Devices and Web Applications for Physicians and Patients as well. The applications will be controlled and monitored using an Admin Panel. Physician Portal will comprise the following additional functionalities: Find patients, Note-taking, View reports on inpatient encounters including admission notes, vitals, active orders, and discharge, Read and reply to staff and results in messages from the application, review and update patient information, Keep up to date on medications, allergies immunizations, medical history, and the problem list. Access patient lists, Access your outpatient schedule, Search patients, not on your list or schedule, View reports about outpatient encounters including diagnosis and orders, Review previous encounters, Review patient results including labs and imaging; and be able to see new or abnormal results immediately and Reporting – OPD and INP Utilization report.

There were three dimensions to the challenge we catered to.
1. Physician Application
2. Women Health Application
3. Multi-Hospital access


Innovative mobile health app development empowers an updated user experience. The customer health app offers guidelines to women to assist them with working on their health through bit-by-bit objectives, progress monitoring, updates, and encouragement in areas of concern.


Physician Application

DevBatch created a contemporary UI with a more responsive user experience and architecture, utilizing agile ways to deal with sorting out different health application development teams and vendors dealing with the solution at the same time. Alongside that, we designed an interface that even people who don’t frequently use mobile apps could grasp. Facility to allow physicians to view their booked patients, based on clinics’ locations; that is; either IMC (in Jeddah) or PR (in Petro Rabigh) city.

Women Health Application

This development also involves building a Women Health Mobile Application that involves a facility to insert and manage information on the contraception period for women, a facility to log the woman’s Menstrual Cycles and PMS symptoms, insert the last date of Mammogram & cervical cancer screening, Pregnancy Calculator, Baby’s kick counter, Contraction Timer, For pregnant women with diabetes diagnoses, Provide a daily reading entry for the blood pressure of pregnancy, educational materials (Video / Document) about breast-feeding, Baby Wellness, Baby growth tracker/record, Baby Feeding tracker, Track napping times, Temperature tracking, Baby medications, Track diaper change time (dehydration, constipation or diarrhea) and Summary of data entered per day. There are also additional features in the Women Health Application that are, IMC Patient Portal Linking, valid MRN, Calendar, Show scheduled services, User entry for a new event, Chat Module that includes Patient chatting/queries, Educational content, Educational content for all women and baby-related materials (general women’s health, gestation, postpartum, baby wellness), Physician and patient Queries and View tracking information of OB/GYN patients.

Multi-Hospital access

A facility to allow physicians to view their booked patients based on clinics’ locations; that is; either IMC (in Jeddah) or PR (in Petro Rabigh) city.We developed the following for them:

  • Developing the UI/UX hybrid and Native application

  • Application development for the iOS and Android platforms

  • Designing the web UI interface for the admin panel

  • Web Applications for Physicians and Patients are Payments,

  • Video Calling, Chatting, SMS services, and Waiting Room and Notifications.

  • Implementation of the server (backend)

  • Application deployment to the store and back-end


Our tech team and business analyst delivered the requirements specifications for the healthcare application ahead of schedule. With the assistance of this application, patients can be securely advised of their experimental outcomes, remedies, and medical photographs at the bedside, as well as interface with medical services experts.

The mobile health app development results demonstrated a consistent upgrade to the consumer health app evaluations and a generally improved customer experience. DevBatch’s mobile health app development team continues to support and enhance the product and do its best to retain its position.

Technologies and Tools

  • Angular.js technology.

  • Rest APIs, the Java Spring framework used for constructing new APIs.


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