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Almoosa Specialist Hospital is one of the top 10 hospitals in the GCC, established in 1996 as the first private hospital in Ahsa, and today it is a premier integrated healthcare system. The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) has granted accreditation to Almoosa Specialist Hospital as an academic teaching hospital for 12 residency programs and two fellowship programs. DevBatch developed a mobile application for Almoosa Specialist Hospital that puts “Health and Wellness” services at the fingertips of its users. It’s an easy-to-use, configurable solution for service providers as well as service seekers, pairing the flexibility and convenience of an app with modern healthcare.

Business Challenge

As technology gets progressed and turns out to be more sought after, it is essential to accept and adjust to these changes. This well-known brand, which shared the same concern, was considering how to create a digitally enabled software application that will be an impetus in working on the general appearance and feel and also collect real-time feedback on the present operations and procedures which needs modifications if any.
The challenge was that the client was likewise looking to deliver an all-encompassing experience. It was now necessary to create an application that was only accessible to the board of directors or the management and had all of the information about the day-to-day operations available at the touch of a button. The designs were intended to be clean and simple, making them user-friendly and enabling better designs with all the many functions under one roof, bearing in mind that the customer is in the healthcare industry and that the users will come from a variety of groups.

DevBatch develops web-based software and mobile apps to enhance the patient experience while also streamlining hospital and medical procedures. Almoosa Healthcare Mobile Apps, the company’s initial product, is intended to decrease waiting in physicians’ offices and enhance patient scheduling and appointment management in order to improve patient satisfaction, practice efficiency, and profitability.
The business challenge entails the following 5 functionalities:
1. Physician & Patient Applications – Mobile Apps
2. Online Pharmacy
3. Web Application
4. Rest APIs & Admin Portal
5. Doctor Finder

The Solution

With the features like audio chat and video chat, Tele-Consultation sessions with Physician and Chat between Physician & Patient, Lab Reports Management, Current Inpatients, List of OutPatients, My ProfileList of InPatients, Physician Profile Information, Book an Appointment, View data for the selected profile and Tablet Application Chatbot Integration, our Mobile application development team delivered a stunning iOS and Android app. For both apps, there is a Multi-Lingual Support Implementation.



Using this application, our client has reaped the following benefits:
• Improved implementation of hospital ops
• Real feedback implementation improved
• Increase of efficiency in overall medical staff
• Reduces the amount of time for giving quality feedback resulting in greater efficiency

Technologies and Tools
1. The mobile applications were agreed to be built using Native Android and iOS platforms.
2. The web application was recommended to be built using Vue.js.
3. The APIs were planned to be built using Node.js.
4. The Admin Portal was planned to be built using Vue.js.

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