A Sneak Peak Of Enterprise Mobile App Development Trends In 2022

Building the modern IT business involves many more steps than just creating a mobile application. Since the invention of cellphones, customers anticipate experiencing something distinctive and dependable. This happens when they learn about technological advancement. But every year, new breakthroughs in technology are made to amuse all kinds of consumers. We can all agree that smartphones have quickly become a necessity, which is why the market for Mobile App Development Services is booming.

Every IT company or organization is fighting to be seen on the audience’s cell phones. You must adhere to every new trend in mobile app development if you want to accomplish these aims. Thus, as we near the second half of 2022, we may witness some new mobile app development services platforms and trends. Moreover, it may be demonstrated whether it has the potential to completely change how people live or not.

Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2022

Like other digital goods, mobile applications are rapidly evolving and utilizing the most recent technological developments. What key trends in mobile app development will influence the provision of a custom mobile app development services company in 2022?

  • Mobile Commerce

Everyone became aware of the possibilities of mobile applications for corporate growth during the COVID-19 outbreak. Your company can increase revenue and sales by creating mobile applications. Along with expanding the company, it also enhances brand credibility. Nowadays, shoppers like to make purchases whenever they want using only a few clicks on their cellphones. As a result, mobile application development services are more in demand than their online equivalents.

Additionally, it has caused e-commerce to shift in favor of mobile commerce, or m-commerce. Sales reached $2.3 trillion in 2019 and are anticipated to reach $3.5 trillion in 2022. Furthermore, statistics indicate that tablets and mobile devices account for 65.99% of all e-commerce sales.

  • Folding Display

Mobile app development trends have undergone a significant revolution as a result of the introduction of folding rivals by Samsung and Huawei. The foldable display technology is a key area of focus for a leading mobile app development services agency. Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are the first mobile devices with folding displays to hit the market. Additionally, the use of mobile phones will only increase in the years to come. The folding display, however, presents significant difficulties for makers of mobile applications. The user’s immediate action should cause mobile apps on these phones to update their preview. You may think of it as being quite similar to how we switch between landscape and portrait modes on our mobile devices. This time, dividing mobile apps into two primary categories is difficult.

  • Mobile Wallets

Mobile payments are not merely a fascinating trend for merchants and users that deal with payments. The goal of this trend in mobile app development is to simplify online payment processes for mobile customers. Different payment adoption levels exist in this process, though. Although 12.9% percent of American internet users claim to use Apple Pay, 23.9% Walmart Pay, 7% Android Pay, and barely 5% t Samsung Pay, according to a pymnts.com study. Thus, it claims that using mobile wallets is one of the best methods for brick-and-mortar stores to try to retain loyal customers and make online transactions easier. The greatest company to use as an example is Starbucks, which has the most popular loyalty coupon app. This software offers functionality for mobile ordering and payment along with the ability for users to accumulate and spend loyalty points. 

  • Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrencies, in general, are directly tied to blockchain technology. The initial goal is to build a decentralized database that is a fraud- and hijacking-resistant. By creating some identity tokens, it is utilized to secure payments or network access. If a company uses a decentralized database, then only authorized users are able to make changes to the database records.

Additionally, although the technology is now frequently found in bitcoin material, tech titans’ attention is still diverted by it. The fact that Microsoft has introduced its blockchain-based Coco framework gives you an idea of the scope of its power. The goal of this framework is to accelerate blockchain adoption in the business world. Additionally, it is anticipated to serve as a springboard for the creation of unique mobile apps by a professional mobile app development services company based on blockchain.


Future mobile app development trends highlighted above demonstrate how it has the potential to completely transform current mobile technology. Smartphones have revolutionized how we shop, pay our payments, and look up information. People will expect more innovative solutions and updates in the future thanks to dependable mobile applications and effective technologies. Therefore, only those that accept change at the appropriate time will succeed and grow their businesses. The inventors of DevBatch bespoke software can make you one of them. Take into account these predictions as you make plans for how to guarantee your presence in the mobile world!