Branding Mistakes

5 Branding Mistakes Killing Your Online Reputation

Effective branding involves creating a compelling perception of your business, its offerings, and its services in the minds of your intended audience, to motivate them to take action. This is usually done using an impactful logo, mission statement, design, and most importantly consistency in them throughout your marketing channels. Branding when done right, build a loud and trustworthy presence, develop an instant emotional bond with the prospects, and help create a loyal clientele. Multiple renowned brands come to mind when you think of significant branding. The idea of even reaching their level must have overwhelmed you, considering all the investment, resources, and processes needed. But this shouldn’t be as branding can be smooth and cost-efficient if you don’t fall for the following 5 branding mistakes killing your online reputation.

1- Inconsistent Branding Guidelines

Branding efforts serve no good if you fail to be consistent. Consistency can be achieved by implementing branding guidelines and then staying glued to them. This helps your brand emphasize and helps your target consumer recognize you immediately. Renowned resources have confirmed that companies with cohesive branding experience have 3-4 times enhanced visibility than those who don’t. 

Branding guidelines include a few things that are seemingly few but can have a bigger impact. These include your brand logo, colors, Taglines, Typography, fonts, tone of voice, graphics, etc. Branding guidelines deliver your content across all your social platforms including your website, social handles, and ads smoothly and consistently. Which is a crucial step in building your brand identity and credibility. 

Inconsistent Branding Guidelines


2- Unclear Copywriting 

Most brand while fully caught up in customer acquisition, product quality, and sales, doesn’t personalize their copywriting efforts. This leads to publishing irrelevant or confused copies that fail to justify what the business is about. Your copy content is equally as important as other technical efforts. Ensure creating clear and relevant copies to sell without compromising the brand’s original voice.

Your business is your brain child. So no one else knows better what makes it distinct or how your products will solve people’s problems better than you. You have to honestly convey this to your target consumers instead of using outdated or subjective phrases like innovative or best etc you are also aware that is not true. Show your uniqueness to make them purchase what they don’t already can in the market.

3- Weak or Ambiguous Logo

Your logo is something that is alone responsible for a lot of your branding pressure. To put it simply, it’s the face of your business. You should put a good amount of effort to design it to your full satisfaction at the start. Because changing it in the future will only hurt your brand awareness and identity especially when you are new in the field.

Also, it should be loud, simple, and clear enough to stand your company tall among your competition.  Always keep in mind that an impactful logo has the potential to get instantly recognized and never escape the memory of viewers for ages. As we said earlier it’s the face of your business, it is your brand identity, your brand itself.

4- Poor Community Connection

One of the worst of the 5 branding mistakes killing your online reputation is having a poor or no connection with your community. While it can work for a few ones, most businesses can only reap success by building a good connection with the local community. You have to put active efforts to stay connected with your community or you will be labeled outdated or ignorant. 

As the world is turning digital, people expect their favorite or at least the business they purchase from to have an active digital existence. That’s how they trust the authenticity of the business. You should ensure to make them feel part of your business family and should devise strategies to build good connections with them. Here are a few things you can do to get connected with your community.

  • Invest in social media influencers to turn his/her audience into yours.
  • Support events relevant to your field and sponsor charity events as well.
  • Provide special support to elderly or disabled people, and to pregnant women.
  • Be open to feedback and hire managers to reply to each one of them in a respectful manner.
  • Provide bonuses, and other relevant perks to your loyal customers to keep them coming back to you.
  • Try to remove the language barriers by either using the language all your target audience can understand or by investing in a translation service.

Poor Community Connection

5- Bad User Experience

Your user should be your top priority while making branding efforts as these efforts are lost if they cannot sympathize with the user experience. Your site elements including content and graphics are important but it is even more crucial to have enhanced site load speed, and navigation to ensure seamless accessibility for users.

You can do multiple things on your site/app development level to provide a memorable experience to users, but that can’t be done alone. Collaborate with our experienced developers to build fast-paced sites and apps designed to yield optimal user experience and digital success with our unparalleled Web development Services

Why Is Branding Important For Businesses To Succeed Online?

Branding is far more important to any business’s online growth and reputation than we may have stressed on it. A well-established brand not only helps you outperform your competition but also helps you attract new customers and retain the old ones. As the world is turning more digital with each passing day, more potential competitors are arousing. So you don’t just have to keep your brand established but also devise plans to not let the new ones surpass you. That’s where good branding can prove no less than an asset to retain your customers and double up your profit.

If you wisely build your brand story, marketing messages, and industry relations to strengthen your brand foundation, these are great chances to live up to your users’ expectations and build a human bond with your user that they can trust. This also helps you have a competitive edge no matter how potentially good, or  trustworthy your now-leading competitors are.

Effective branding is always done strategically and with an end goal in mind. You should carefully consider your business vision and goals, and develop clarity of what your business promise. This helps you devise an effective marketing plan that guides and facilitates your digital journey to fulfilling your business goals and turning that promise into a reality for your target users.

Importance of Branding to succeed online


Branding is more than just getting users to recognize you and buy from you. It is the persona and a foundation for your business’s success or failure for multiple years to come depending on how you do it. Hence, this should be done very mindfully as a seemingly small mistake can compound to become an uncontrollable disaster. The key here is to recognize and design your brand voice and then stay consistent with it especially if you are a small business or just starting. Know in the beginning how much potential you have to expand and then plan to build a trustworthy business leaving no room for excuses for consumers.