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App Store Optimization USA, Best ASO Services

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Get some recognition for your application! Launching an app on app stores without optimizing it for the best ranking in the search engines is just like an ordinary fruit in a fruit basket. We optimize your app to become the cherry on the top of a chocolate cake. Application marketing is an art of designing optimization methodologies while keeping in mind the corresponding business’ marketing strategies and technical understanding of the scenarios experienced by the target audience.

Key Functions of App Store Optimization (ASO)


With a strong SEO experience along with a diligent Internet Marketing team, DevBatch provides you with the perfect App Store Optimization Services with maximum ROI. We optimize your app to make it more discoverable and approachable by the end users while making it a great hit on the app stores.

Important ASO Steps

There are some important steps that DevBatch developers follow to help you achieve the best ranking by search engines and app stores. Listed below are the steps taken to ensure the best App Store Optimization for your application:

app store optimization

1. The Perfect App Name Selection & Suggestion

Most of our customers come up with the names of apps that are more related to their business or family name. However, the best way to name an app is to target the concepts and objectives of the application. Our Internet trends team experts suggest and help you decide the name that will bring your app up in most of the searches conducted by the end users.

2. App Title

App Title tells users what your app does. This is the most important piece of ASO. If a user cannot tell what your app does by reading its title, they will move on.

3. App Description

Describe everything about your app in the description section. At this point, users are curious and consider if they should download your application or not. This is a key optimization factor.

4. App Icon Design

We create catchy icons to help you achieve high interaction by your customers.

5. App Screen Shots

Show off the best features of your app. You will need to use screenshots that clearly display your app functionality while highlighting all the best parts of your app. Make sure to use all the space for screen shots with different images. Add some quick text to call what is being displayed if needed.

6. App Category

Where does your app fit in? Picking both the Primary and Secondary Categories for your app is a huge decision and critical to the success of your app. The right category will get you in front of qualified customers.

7. App Store Keyword Optimization

We conduct a market analysis while targeting your competitors most specifically. This helps us understand what keywords are preferably entered by your potential customers. We deploy these keywords for optimizing your application according to the keyword search volume.

Our ASO Services team creates highly searched and relevant titles, keywords, and app description to help your app stand out in the search list.


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